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ScaleStop Plus vs. Water Softeners

No SaltsNo ChemicalsNo ElectricityNo Waste Water

Our ScaleStop Plus™ Whole-House Water Filtration System safely removes heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, impurities, microorganisms, and hard water minerals that form limescale — without using electricity or salt, or producing waste products.

ScaleStop Plus™ Whole-House Water Filtration System

Our advanced water filtration systems produce clean, healthy, pure water to enjoy your life.

Each of our ScaleStop Plus Template Assisted Crystallization water filtration systems is exceptionally efficient, saves money, saves water, and does not harm the enviroment. The evidence from independent testing shows that ScaleStop Plus Template Assisted Crystallization is equally as efficient as ion exchange water softners at preventing the formation of scale, and has the added benifits of no salt use, no water waste from regeneration, no electricity use, and importantly, no harmfull brine discharge into drains, groundwater and the wider enviroment.

ScaleStop Plus Water Softeners
Technology Template Assisted Crystallization: physical process of combining hard water mineral ions (calcium and magnesium) into microscopic crystals which do not bind to materials to form scale. Salt Ion Exchange: Chemical process involving replacing and removing hard water mineral ions (calcium and magnesium) which cause scale with sodium ions from salt.
Method Salt-free water filtration Salt-based water softener
Scale Prevention 99% scale prevention 41% to 96% efficient depending on owner maintenance
Health Retains healthy minerals while adding nothing to water. Removes healthy minerals (calcium, magnesium, copper, and iron). Adds sodium to water, which can lead to hypertension and weight gain. The harder the water, the more sodium the softening system must add to replace the dissolved calcium and magnesium. Persons on sodium-restricted diets should consult a physician before installing a water softener in the home.
Drinking Water Produces clear, clean, healthy drinking water containing essential minerals. Softened water is not universally considered healthy to drink. It does not taste very good due to the high levels of sodium carbonate. Since hard water contains essential minerals, it is sometimes the preferred drinking water. Softened water tastes salty and is sometimes not suitable for drinking.
Skin and Feel No slimy soft-water feel. Eliminates calcium and magnesium (preventing curd and clogging the pores of skin) Skin feels slippery or slimy and soapy, even after thorough rinsing. The ions in softened water lessen its ability to stick to the soap molecules, making it more difficult to rinse the cleanser off your body. Calcium and magnesium reacts with soap to form curd, not suds, which is irritating to skin.
Clothes Bright whites; colors remain vivid Stiff, hard laundry
Harmful Metals Removes 99.9% of heavy metals, including copper, mercury, and lead ?
Microbes Kills bacteria and viruses with optional Ozone Generator ?
Water Spots Leaves no water spots on glasses, dishes, or surfaces. The sodium in softened water can leave behind stains similar to hard water spots. Must use extra additives to eliminate spots.
Electricity Uses no electricity Constantly uses electricity
Water Usage Wastes no water while filtering the water Periodic back-flushes waste hundreds of gallons of water annually
Soap Savings Use less soap, shampoo, and detergent when cleaning. Uses about 50% less dishwashing soap. Requires the use of more soap, shampoo, and detergent when cleaning
Maintenance Virtually no maintenance Need to periodically haul 40 pound bags of salt and dump it in the brine tank to replenish the salt
Space Needed Compact, easy to fit in available spaces Bulky, must accommodate salt storage in the home
Environment Adds nothing to waste water Adds salt to waste water, affects septic and sewage treatment, adds salinity to groundwater supplies.
Operating Cost Very economical Substantial cost for salt, electricity, and water
Regulatory No legal restrictions Use is legally prohibited in some areas

Note Some counties (especially in California) have banned water softeners. More communities will be prohibiting salt water-softening systems.

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