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Our ScaleStop Plus water filtration system improves your life while saving you more money than it costs, when you add up the savings in less soap, reduced energy, plumbing, appliance, and clothing.

The water that flows through the pipes within your home, goes through or touches a variety of important and expensive appliances, fixtures, and components.

Heavy metals in drinking water are a significant health threat. Our new ScaleStop Plus® media can remove 99.9%+ of all soluble lead, mercury, copper, and other dissolved metals from the water.

By eliminating limescale and 99.9%+ of all harmful dissolved metals from all the water within your home, the ScaleStop Plus water filtration systems provide these important benefits.

  • Removes 99.9%+ of all soluble lead, mercury, manganese, copper, and other dissolved metals
  • Clean, healthy water with improved taste
  • Protects your skin and hair
  • Protection from scale on water pipes, water heaters, appliances, faucets, shower systems, shower stalls, surfaces, glassware, dishes, cookware, and clothes.
  • Removes chlorine
  • Retains beneficial minerals in the water
  • Does not use salt or chemicals (no salt water discharge)
  • Low maintenance

Drinking Water

Water for Washing Food

Water for Personal Hygiene

Glassware and Dishware


Shower Surfaces

Shower Systems

Washing Maschine


Water Heater




More Benefits

Energy Savings and Detergent Savings

According to recent studies, a water softener or a water filtration system that prevents limescale can save you a tremendous amount of energy and detergent each year. An Energy Savings Study was conducted in 2009 in conjunction with the Battelle Memorial Institute and funded by the Water Quality Research Foundation. A Detergent Savings Study was conducted in 2010 in conjunction with Scientific Services S/D, Inc. and funded by the Water Quality Research Foundation.

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