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Tested and Proven

Tested by independent laboratories and researchers at Arizona State University, Next Filtration Technologies’ ScaleStop Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) system achieved a 99% effectiveness rating — the only technology to do so. ScaleStop Template Assisted Crystallization technology is proven in tens of thousands of residential and commercial applications across the United States and around the world.

The superior performance of the Template Assisted Crystallization technology within our ScaleStop Plus whole house filtration systems has been tested and proven in university and commercial studies, and also certified by national water quality standards organizations.

Time after time, ScaleStop Plus has proven to some of the most demanding and successful companies in the World that they are the scale protection system to rely on.

ScaleStop Plus has been rigorously tested by independent researchers, including scientists at the Arizona State University.

Arizona State University Scientific Study

Evaluation of Alternatives to Domestic Ion Exchange Water Softeners

Summary of Study

Arizona State University scientists completed an Evaluation of Alternatives to Domestic Ion Exchange Water Softeners on April 26, 2011. The study was conducted by Mara Wiest, Dr. Peter Fox, Dr. Lee Wontae, HDR, and Tim Thomure, HDR.

Objective of Study

Identify credible alternatives to ion exchange water softeners that would provide consumers with the ability to reduce the impacts of hard water without creating the negative salinity impacts.

Four no-salt technologies were tested:


All four technologies were tested for 21 days each on three different water qualities by running water around a heating element (much like a water heater).

After the 21 days, the bath and heating elements were cleaned using an acid solution. The limescale removed was then weighed. The scale dissolved was measured using the EDTA complexing method.

Results of Study

Templated Assisted Crystallization (TAC) removed 99% of hard water scale — significantly higher than the other treatement methods.

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Independent Laboratory Testing

Template Assisted Crystallization Versus Alternatives

2013 Evaluation Using DVGW-W512 Test Protocol

The graph above and the table below are taken from 2013 independent evaluation using the German DVGW-W512 testing protocol. It is clear that ScaleStop Plus Template Assisted Crystallization technology was the most efficient at reducing scale over the whole range of water qualities tested. In this evaluation, ion exchange was also tested, which gives a true comparison of ion exchange to alternative devices and technologies under exactly the same conditions. The graph shows that both Template Assisted Crystallization and ion exchange had the highest effiency, with Template Assisted Crystallization performing better than ion exchange.

At the lowest challenge (TDS 479 and CaCO3 180) Template Assisted Crystallization had an effiency of 99.6% and at the highest challenge (TDS 1200 and CaCO3 500) 90% effiency. In all water samples, other alternative devices (water conditioners) only achieved 50% and below, with electro/magnetic being the worst.

Template Assisted Crystallization is exceptionally efficient, it saves money, saves water and does not harm the enviroment. The evidence shows that ScaleStop Plus Template Assisted Crystallization is equally as efficient as ion exchange water softners at preventing the formation of scale, and has the added benifits of no salt use, no water waste from regeneration, and importantly, no harmfull brine discharge into drains, groundwater and the wider enviroment.

Water Tested Total Dissolved Solids (mg/l) Hardness (mg/l as CaCO3)
Salt River Water (Tempe Tap Water) 479 180
Central Arizona Project (CAP) Canal Water 666 150-250
Scottsdale Groundwater 1200 450-500
Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) Groundwater 420 210

Commercial Testing

ScaleStop Plus has also been tested and adopted by some of the World’s leading equipment manufacturers, distributors and end users.


ScaleStop Plus water filtration systems and products are tested, certified, and listed with all appropriate plumbing codes, and certified by national water quality standards organizations.

Water Quality Association

The Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal Product Certification Program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to test and certify products for conformance with industry standards, including those published by NSF International. ScaleStop Plus products are tested and certified by the Water Quality Association to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is a conformance mark that demonstrates that an item complies with high standards set out by water regulations promulgated in 1999.

American National Standards Institute

The Institute oversees the development and use of standards by accrediting the procedures of standards developing organizations. ANSI accreditation signifies that the procedures used by standards developing organizations meet the Institute’s requirements for openness, balance, consensus, and due process.

Standards Council of Canada

Standards Council of Canada’s Accreditation Services branch accredits conformity assessment bodies, such as testing laboratories and product certification bodies, to internationally recognized standards. Conformity assessment is the practice of determining whether a product, service or system meets the requirements of a particular standard.

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