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Below are the specifications for the ScaleStop Plus water filtration systems and Template Assisted Crystallization high-performance, scale-prevention, softener-alternative media.

Physical Properties
CompositionSpecially treated polymer
Size0.550-.850 mm (approx. 20x40 mesh)
ColorPale yellow-beige
Bulk Density42 lbs per ft3 (.67 kg/l)
Packaging120 liter drum (4.24 ft3) 81kg (178lb) 20 liter pail (.71 ft3) 13.5kg (29.8lb)
Water Chemistry and Limitations
Service Flow RateUp to 4 gallons per minute per liter of media
Flow DirectionUpflow
Maximum Hardness75 grains per gallon
(1,300 ppm CaCO3)
Maximum Manganese0.05 ppm (mg/l)
Maximum Copper1.3 ppm (mg/l)
Maximum Iron, ferrous0.3 mg/l
Maximum Chlorine<3 ppm (mg/l)
pH Range6.5 to 8.5
Freeboard200% (min. 20 Inches)
Water Temperature41-140℉ (5-60℃)
Oil and PolyphosphatesRemove prior to ScaleStop Plus
H2SMust be removed prior to ScaleStop Plus
Operating Conditions
Service Flow4 gpm/liter of media. System flow limited by bed expansion
Bed Depth4-10 inches typical depending upon flow rate
Freeboard200% of bed depth, minimum 20"
ContinuityCan be used in continuous or intermittent operation.
OperationOperates in upflow mode, no backwash required.

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