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Scale Stop Plus® provides your family with healthy, safe, and great tasting water. Heavy metals in drinking water are a significant health threat. Our new Scale Stop Plus® media can remove 99.9%+ of all soluble lead, mercury, copper, and other dissolved metals from the water. Scale Stop Plus® is not a water softener, but the water feels and acts like soft water. Scale Stop Plus® is more economical than regular water softeners. It protects your instant hot water heaters, and can even reverse scale damage. Scale Stop Plus® can provide the protection needed without the restrictions associated with salt softener systems. It’s more than just water.

Working to Save Lives Through Clean Water

Bluewater Manufacturing Inc. has partnered with Water Missions International to help spread clean water throughout the world. For each single-tank Scale Stop Plus® system we will donate $20, and for each dual-tank Scale Stop Plus® system we will donate $40 towards Water Missions’ initiatives. For more information about our goals, please contact us.

Removes 99.9% of heavy metals, including; copper, mercury & lead!

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