Working To Save Lives Through Clean Water

Living Water For Mukuru


As of this week, we have hit the 1,200 mark in homes that have received Kohler Clarity water filters (and hey, we just launched this project back in September, folks!)  People ask us how we do this, since few residents of this massive Mukuru slum community of 750,000 people have ever heard the names Kohler, Water Mission or New Song Chapel.  Not only that, but there’s a new scam that floats down their streets and alleys every day to make them increasingly cynical and wary – so why are they opening their doors to us?

The key is our engagement with CHV’s – community health volunteers.  These are workers associated with neighborhood health clinics, known and trusted by the local residents.  We recruit and train these workers to spread the word and install the filters.

How successful is this strategy?  Yikes, we’re having a hard time keeping up with the demand now (nice problem, huh?).  Our supply of filters through our distribuitor, Water Mission International, is going fast, and we need additional donations to help buy more.  Can you help?  A $100.00 gift will place Clarity filters into three homes. Go here to make your donation, and thanks so much!

Bluewater Manufacturing Inc. has partnered with Water Missions International to help spread clean water throughout the world. For each single-tank Scale Stop Plus® system we will donate $20, and for each dual-tank Scale Stop Plus® system we will donate $40 towards Water Missions’ initiatives. For more information about our goals, please contact us