Scale Stop Turbo TAC®

The consumer-friendly “softener alternative” just got better.

Removes 99%+ of all heavy water soluble metals; copper, mercury & lead

Cleans mirrors, shower doors and plumbing fixtures

Tested and certified

No hazardous waste

Removes all chloramines

Beneficials minerals retained for great tasting water

Eco-friendly and truly green

No salt

10 year warranty

It’s not just water anymore.

Beneficial minerals retained for great tasting water
Virtual maintenance free system
Not subject to water softener restrictions or bans
Tested and certified
No salt - No hazardous waste
Eco-friendly and truly green
Small footprint
No electricity required
No water waste
10 year warranty (see dealer)
Chemical free scale prevention
Improves efficiency of water using appliances
Cleaner mirrors, shower doors and plumbing fixtures
Reduced spotting on glassware and dishes
Removes 99%+ of all soluble lead and other heavy metals


“Fast service, clean, skilled and organized. We have our healthy life again. Thank you for your excellent product and service!”

Brian & Patty Bell, Del Mar

“We not only eliminated the rust in our water lines, we made our children’s lives healthier. No more lead, mercury or copper in our water. We also got rid of the salt water system in our main home.”

Keri Potter, Del Mar

“Finally clean shower doors, no more lime-scale on all our fixtures… it all looks brand new again.”

Bob & Nancy Bell, Rancho Santa Fe