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ScaleStop Plus Single Tank Commercial Water Filtration System

20 Gallons Per Minute



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The Next ScaleStop (TAC)® technology provides superior protection from scale formation on plumbing and heat exchange surfaces, including mixing valves, ball valves, regulators, and other water handing equipment. The Next ScaleStop (TAC)® systems may be installed at the point of entry (POE) to a building to treat both hot and cold water, or it can be installed directly before a water heating device or other water using equipment that requires protection from the negative effects of hard water.

Next ScaleStop (TAC)® prevents scale by transforming hardness minerals into inert, harmless micro crystals of Calcium Carbonate that pass freely through the water systems and eventually down the drain. These micro crystals remain suspended within the water solution allowing them to pass freely through the plumbing with little to no ability to react to solubility changes that would normally cause scale buildup. The system requires very little maintenance, no backwashing or waste, no salt or other chemicals and no electricity. Typical hard water problems such as build-up of scale or calcium carbonate in pipes, boilers, water heaters and on fixtures are no longer an issue.

The Next ScaleStop (TAC)® is not lon Exchange or a Water Softener and it is not a chemical dosing technology like many anti-scalants or sequestrants. It is a scale prevention technology with proven third party laboratory test data and years of successful residential, commercial and industrial applications. The Next ScaleStop (TAC) is the very best alternative to softening or chemical water treatment for the prevention of scale.


  • Zero waste: No backwashing
  • Zero Discharge: No capture tank required
  • Virtually maintenance free: No salt to consistently add
  • Chemical free: No chemicals required, no salt
  • No control valve: No electricity required
  • Environmentally friendly: Green Technology
  • Improves efficiency of all water using appliances
  • Simple to size and install: Only pipe size and peak flow required.
  • Perfect solution for communities and cities that have banned water softeners
  • The Next ScaleStop (TAC)® does not remove healthy minerals or add sodium to the water supply
  • The Next ScaleStop (TAC)® can be used as a pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis membranes. (The Next ScaleStop (TAC)® should always be the last stage in any filtration system with the exception of Reverse Osmosis systems in which case it should be immediately before the RO membrane.


Connection Options

  • ¾" and 1" Brass Sweat
  • 1", 1 ¼" and 1 ½" Plastic MPT


  • Media should be replaced every 3 years


  • 3 year warranty on parts

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  • No sales tax except in California
  • Since 2004


  • This Next ScaleStop (TAC)® scale prevention system shall be installed on the main water service pipe just after it enters the building, but after other whole building water safety devices such as backflow preventers and/or pressure reducing valves, to effectively address water hardness concerns. A system may also be installed further downstream to protect specific equipment within the plumbing system. The system shall be plumbed with a bypass valve to allow isolation of tanks) and to allow the bypass of untreated water usage in the event that service or media replacement is necessary. The installation area should be suitable in size for the tank(s) to be installed and serviced.
  • New Copper pipes need to have the surfaces oxidized to avoid leaching copper into the water and the new media. This is accomplished by normal use of the plumbing system for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to placing the system into service. Not for use on closed loop systems. Water known to have heavy loads of dirt and debris may require pre-filtration prior to the system(s).
  • The system must operate in an up-flow manner and does not require additional water to backwash, flush or regenerate once put into service. The system must not require any chemical additives and must not require electricity for operation.
  • Due to the unique properties of ScaleStop, there are some unique requirements for using ScaleStop in conjunction with filtration or other forms of water treatment:
    • ScaleStop must be the last stage in the treatment chain. Do not install any filters after ScaleStop or before any devices for which scale prevention is required point of use filters, e.g. carbon or reverse osmosis are exempt from this requirement.
    • Do not apply phosphate or any other antiscalant either before or after ScaleStop.


  • Lead time is 2 to 4 weeks from date of order
  • Product is shipped via commercial truck


  • IMPORTANT: Water Filtration Tanks must always be maintained, stored, and installed in the upright position.


Next ScaleStop (TAC)® is registered under NSF Standard 61 for drinking water systems. It has also been scientifically tested by independent laboratories to reduce scale formation by 95% plus. Testing was conducted under a grant provided by the WateReuse Foundation.

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